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CRYING THUNDER ! Rising from the primordial soup of Rock,
electrifying and enormously powerful .
The craft learned in years of deprivation and twisted losses ,
on the edge of time in places undetected.
CRYING THUNDER!Celebrating the everyday and honoring nature,
-Blurring the line between the seeming and the real with their Rock.
From places so far and swamps so deep, from the highest mountains,
through space and time, our name is calling YOU

CRYING THUNDER are a raw, energetic, soul and colourful rock band from Switzerland. The band formed in winter 2013 with the desire to bring back the joy for melodies and the love for good time rock hooks.

Shortly after forming, the band decided to take some time off to write and record their self-titled debut album. They settled down at an old farm house in the Swiss countryside. Living and working together gave them the freedom to create music the way they want to hear it today. Raw and colourful, energetic and soulful. The chemistry between the three is mystical and their love for life and nature bonded them more than real brothers. “CRYING THUNDER are not just a band for me, it feels like family“, Ivy Birds says. Hunter, Marcy and Birds soon established their own recording studio called Black Drum Studio, where the whole album was recorded.
“It was the right time to build our own studio. We captured the sounds the way we want them to be heard and this is the way we want to communicate with the world”, adds Hunter Martin.
The album was produced by the band and completed in collaboration with Multiple Grammy-winners Ross Hogarth (Van Halen, Black Crowes, Mötley Crüe, Gov’t Mule,…) and Gavin Lurssen (Foo Fighters, The Who, George Harrison, Queens Of The Stone Age,…).

Birds and Martin have known each other since their early childhood and lost contact. Thirteen years later they met at a comic book store for which Birds worked and decided to start a new band. Hunter worked as a live and session drummer and together they formed the band Anthem of Deaf. They opened shows for Alice Cooper, Nazareth, Thin Lizzy and L.A. Guns. After a tour through Europe with Lez Zeppelin and a great amount of shows, the band broke up.
2013 Bigeye Marcy, visual artist and former roadie of Ivy Birds’ band Love, joined to form the power trio CRYING THUNDER.

CRYING THUNDER recorded eleven songs for their debut album out November 2015. “Daughter Of The Sun“ shows the bands love for heavy blues rock with a catchy hook. It is easy to hear influences like Humble Pie and the Jeff Beck Group. While on the other hand “Crossfire Of Love” reminds of the good old folk rock bands of the 70s. Crying Thunder play their rock music in the tradition of the power trios like Cream, The James Gang, Grand Funk Railroad and Dust.
Crying Thunder are not trying to hide their influences nor take themselves too serious. “We‘re just playing rock and roll!“ Bigeye Marcy says.

“There is no past, present and future, but only infinite dimensional space without time. Absolutely amazing!“

Sit back and enjoy the ride.


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